26 October 2005

dews on it's back..

dews on it's back.., originally uploaded by Im'H.

Im'H says: accidential shot this one.. not as sharp as i was hoping for.. but just love the lil waterdrops on its back..

19 October 2005

wet weta

wet weta, originally uploaded by curiouskiwi.

closeup of its face. Is it just me, or does it look like this insect is sticking its tongue out at me... nah, nah, na, nah, nah!

18 October 2005


IMG_1943_ajs1, originally uploaded by leemt2.

14 October 2005

stay cool

stay cool, originally uploaded by *helmen.

sweet bounty after work... not fake
says *helmen

12 October 2005


OINK! OINK!, originally uploaded by Leo L30.

07 October 2005

Three in a row

Three in a row, originally uploaded by Linda6769.

Linday6769 says:
In a Chinese restaurant. It seemed to me that they didn´t like the water.